Stage Dolls + Return i OSLO

Stage Dolls og Return – to giganter i norsk rockehistorie som har levert et hav av hits – inviterer til førjulsfest. Return har i alle år holdt fast med sin signatur, den klassiske 80-tallsrocken, med stort innslag av power ballads. Allsangen vil garantert runge på låter som «Sing Me A Song» og «Bye Bye Johnny». […]

Tour dates 2022 – covid 19

TOUR DATES 2022.Message from the band.There’s already many dates set for concerts and festivals in 2022 but due to the uncertainty regarding the ongoing pandemic we’ll wait to reveal the dates in agreement with the local promoters. We’re really looking forward to go out and play again so let’s hope the world gets back to […]

New single out – “You’ll find me”

The band released a new single on feb 27th called ‘You’ll find me’. It’s a beautiful ballad penned by singer Torstein Flakne. You can listen to it on all platforms (Spotify,Apple music etc.) and download on iTunes.