Get A Life

  1. 24/7
  2. Runnin’ back to you
  3. Get a life
  4. Someone like you
  5. You’re the one
  6. Too late for love
  7. Naked in the rain
  8. Everybody wanna R&R
  9. Only
  10. Don’t fight it
  11. Summertime ladies

Torstein Flakne: Vocals, all-electric &
acoustic guitars
Terje Storli: 4,5 & 8-string basses
Morten Skogstad: Drums

Trond Hustad: piano on ‘Someone like you’.
Ronny Wikmark: keyboards, percussion.
Mark Spiro: background vocals on all songs.
Leslie Anne, Summer Rae, Ruby Soliel: background vocals (The Hummingbirds)

Anne Judith Wik: background vocals on ’24/7′, ‘get a life’, ‘too late for love’.
Petter Oien: background vocals on ‘someone like you’, ‘only’.
Thomas Henriksen: additional keyboards on ‘get a life’.
Frank Hellum: additional engineering.

Mixed by Ronny Wikmark
Produced by Ronny Wikmark and Torstein Flakne