Shoot The Moon

  1. All & everything
  2. Walkaway
  3. Heart of a woman
  4. The only one
  5. Cryin’ over you
  6. Big wheels
  7. It won’t happen here
  8. Divorcee
  9. Hallelujah preachers
  10. The waiting kind
  11. Trouble
  12. Sweet dreams

Recorded at Nidaros Studios,Trondheim 1994/1995
Engineer: Rune Nordal
produced by Bjorn Nessjo

Torstein Flakne: Vocals, guitars
Kjetil Bjerkestrand: keyboards
Sven Lindvall: Bass
Per Lindvall: Drums

Additional musicians:
Sanne Salomonsen: Lead vocal on Cryin’ over you
Background vocals: Per Edvardsson
Acoustic guitars: Andreas Aase, Jostein Bergsfjord, Stefan Lundquist
Strings: Hennige Batnes, Bjorg Varnes