Stage Dolls

  1. Still in love
  2. Wings of steel
  3. Lorraine
  4. Waiting for you
  5. Love cries
  6. Mystery
  7. Don’t stop believin’
  8. Hanoi waters
  9. Ammunition

Recorded at Nidaros Studios, Trondheim
during fall of 1987.
Engineered by Rune Nordal
Additional recordings at Skyline Studios, NY
Engineer: Mario Rodriguez
‘Still in love’remixed by Paul Lani,
Wings of steel’ remixed by Duane Baron and
John Purdell.
produced by Bjorn Nessjo

Torstein Flakne: Vocal,guitars
Terje Storli: Bass
Steinar Krokstad: Drums

Additional musicians:
Keyboards: Kjetil Bjerkestrand
Background vocals: Vaneese Thomas,
Angela Clemmons
Darryl Tookes, Phil Ballou, Fonzie Thornton,
Benny Diggs